Feel free to add, correct, edit as you see fit: My memory is fallible and selective. Latest adventures are on top.

Continued Death 8-10-2010
Not much action, saw some black elk, circumvented them. Kendall’s bloated corpse increasingly became more and more foul smelling, sickening Compsila.

Suddenly one day Yunt recognized a hill, farms began to appear, The Shamrocks were growing near. Yet they wandered around for some time unable to find the gates. Yunt pulled out his trusty cloak-kitty Alshmeir who trotted around a bit then returned to show the way. And behold! upon the hill the cloaked city stood behind the gates. The elves/guards made no objections to the shams entrance save the foul odor the group travelled with.
The Magician The Magician Yunnt had met on a previous trip to Albertine was located and granted Yunnt an audience.
The Magician

Kendall into Kendeath. Death. Resurrect! 8-3-2010

The Shamrocks scurry out of the collapsing cavern and have a good idea they are being followed by the Sorcerous in Black Armor. They hide on each side of the mouth of the cavern waiting to cut down whatever comes out. What comes out is a couple of ghouls and the sorcerous. Fight! The Ghouls are slashed and burned and are, a short time later, re-murdered. The sorcerous smashes Kendall a devastating blow to the face knocking him to dust. As the Sorcerous approaches the Shams a light comes from the cave entrance behind her and she falls dead. A magic user, who was being enslaved by these witches, emerges from the cave and joins the Shamrocks. Kendall lies bleeding on the ground, beyond revival, with a mace smashed-in face. Kendall, always the most cautious is nothing but corpse now. Gar has heard that there are those who can resurrect, maybe so. The Sham pack up Ken and head off to gain their rewards. Kage pilfers Kendalls belongings.

Elven Village-The King
They travel to the village of elves and recount their tale of webs and crypts, Fentall’s death, gnolls, the undead, sorcery, and Kendall’s encorpsement. They collect their rewards. The village celebrates the death of all that nearby evil shit. They pay out the reward of 600 and give us an extra 250 for our loss. Resurrection is the question. Nobody knows much about it and suggest Albertine which is the home of a powerful cleric.

To Abertine!
The choice between two paths, a safer dwarven one, and a deadly elven one. Dwarven trail it is. The Shams are told there are probably human encampments which sounds promising after weeks of elves, zombies, and other nasty non humans. They continue down the path, with a colossal battle with some vicious lions on one of the days. They come to a point where it looks as though the trails are adjoined. On a thoughtless whim, and for no apparent reason, they decide to cut over to the elven trail. They travel day and night with their corpse friend flopped over his horse. They run into an encampment of gnomes (who almost everyone would just as soon cut down as befriend). These wine merchants give the Shamrocks some spirits which Kage drinks beyond excess. More Travel. One the third day of travel The Shamrocks run into some kind of vegetative horror that attacks without mercy. Swinging its hammer/thorn curiosity wildly around, smashing blows, it does a fair amount of damage to the Shams. The Shamrocks of course are not going to be defeated by a vegetable. It is hacked to bits.

Albertine draws near.
The shams should be there soon. Kendall will rise if it isn’t too expensive.

Undeath. Flesh Eating Stone. Death. 7-27-2010

The Shamrocks camp out near the entrance inside the cavern. Kendall and Compseela find the barrels of food in the storage area irresistable and feast like kings for a day. Of course only a fool wants to be king for a day and they soon are doubled over with stomach pains puking their guts out. Meanwhile Unt’s cat attracts a badger outside and Unt is left to deal with it. A few slices, scratches, and bites later it is sent to Demonica. Nothing much happens the rest of the day. During the night Gar and Shank hear something moving through the cavern towards the door. A putrid odor gives Gar/Shank a good idea of who/what, undead. They do not engage but rather spy. The creatures return soon after and disappear down the dark hallway they came from.

Day two is uneventfull, blood and meat on the spikes at the bottom of Kage’s trap. Probably late night ghouls. That night was a quiet one.

Day Three the Shams felt ready to finish off the sorcerous below. Down they go the now familiar hall and stairs. They first explore the outer halls before entering the alter room. The sorcerous armor is no longer worn by the decaying ghoul in the north west corner room. Most unfortunate that nobody thought to pack it with them.

The Other Rooms.
The Shamrocks reveal:
  • 1 * A simple/bare room used for quartering somebody.
  • 2 * A stone brick cavern with a sarcophagus that has a double latch upon it (and a trap wall that will most probably fall on the opener of the tomb). They will return.
  • 3 * Another room with a painting upon the wall. This particular painting is a trap. Kendall shoots an arrow at it without effect. Kage manages to disable, if anybody had touched it spikes would have shot up from the floor causing severe pain and damage. There is no key this time.
  • 4 * A tomb/coffin corpse repository. The chamber has a deep ceiling and dark walls. Filled with dozens of coffins, all of which are open. The Shamrocks notice a blue glow in the back of the room. With caution the group moves back to find the blue glaze emitting from a sword. It is taken.
  • 5 * A storage room (from which torches are pilfered)
    2.12 * They go back to the sarcophagus room to disable the trap but it is much too difficult. They try a few ‘clever’ tricks to open it but soon discover in order to move the latches it will take brute force. Fuck it, Kage can pick locks and most probably the only reward for opening the tomb will be a key. They try doors untill Kage finally picks one (and uses the two already found keys on the other locks).

The Alter Room
Inside ghouls and zombies encircle something obscured by darkness. They rise for the Shamrocks. Behind them, the black sorcerous. They come. The sorcerous uses her familiar tricks (paralyze, shocking grasp, etc.) but the Shamrocks fare much better this time against it. The Shams engage in a ‘full-tilt’ onslaught against the foul undead. Gar boldly moves in to fight the sorcerous using repel undead and his sword and is quickly surrounded. Our old friend Fentall made an appearance, unfortunately he was undead. The Shams attempt to slash through the flesh to save their friend, Gar attempts to escape. The sorcerous produces her soul-sucking dagger and gives Gar a nasty wound rendering him unconscious. Arrows fly from shank, axes are swung, Kage falls, Compseela falls, the new elf lady falls, along with barb. No matter Kendall runs the sorcerous through and sends her to Hades. Her minions confusedly writhe allowing easy disposal. Everybody is revived or packed and carried. The head of the sorcerous is collected and bagged. They leave. Outside the door another set of Ghouls and another black armor clad sorcerous. The Shams scurry up the stairs and out the door as the cavern collapses behind them. The Shams have what they want no need to go back argues Kendall. Though his reasoning is solid, the Shamrocks are rarely reasonable.

Golden Goblet. Sorcerous in Armor. Death. 7-20-2010

After the early morning undead bloodshed the Shams heal and once again prepare to enter the cavern. And they do this.

The Cavern.
The Shams are welcomed by the familiar death-stench of the cavern. The undead corpses are no longer in the large room that the entrance tunnel opens into. The infected meat of Goblin is strewn about. Perhaps the undead that visited early morning were the same ones that we had fought the previous day, if so undead corpses are persistant.
Down to the Pool/Spider room.

Pool/Spider Room.
As previously planned the Shams rope up Kage fit him with the helm and down he goes. He finds it, a Golden Goblet. He also spots 3 links in an enormous chain that he takes up. Rusty metal. They sense this has little value and leave it.
The Secret Room/The Secret Word
They use the word on the secret door finding a (probably recently) emptied room. Searches yield nothing. Oh well.
To the stairs at the end of the hall

Spells, Sorcery, Death.
The Shams descend the stairs. A door with 3 locks at the bottom is easily picked and opened. “You fools,” hisses from the darkness. The Shamrocks make a poorly planned move forward at the invitation and see a sorcerous in the midst of her incantations. Most of the group retreats behind pillars but Kendall and Fentall are paralysed as 3 huge Troll-Like Undead Creatures begin to move towards the Shams. Garzae uses a scroll to revive Kendall and the Shams retreat leaving a feast named fentall for the Ghoulish Corpses. Unt moves towards the alter at the back of the room as the sorcerous and her guards move forward and engage Kendall. Upon this alter is a local elf girl. The Shams engage in a fierce battle. One by one the creatures are cut down. The sorcerous notices Unt and moves back to the alter with a Troll-Like Undead Creature. Unt releases the girl. The sorcerous returns and Unt and she simultaneously exchange shocking grasps. Unt retreats, the Shamrocks move forward. The shams barely manage to finish off the final Ghoulish Undead Creature but their master flees. Kage and Shank make unsuccessful/ineffective attacks on the fleeing magic-user but fail to stop her. The Shams are in no condition to follow right away and attempt to heal. They heal. A search yeilds some kind of black orb. They decide to find the witch in armor so they follow her down the passage she took. They realize the large alter-room is surrounded by hallways each having a 3-lock door leading in. Kendall waits at the entrance tunnel and the Shams attempt to flush the sorcerous out. They go around and re-enter the alter-room and are discouraged by the fact that in the room with the alter their are apparently more magic-users with fresh spells. That about wraps it up for the Shams today. They leave for camp.

Fucking Gnolls.
Outside The Shams discover their gear had been rummaged through. Stolen: some furs, some trinkets, the red pony. Garzae wants to pursue, nobody else does.
Camp: Kage snares/traps the entrance to the cavern. Kendall and Shank go hunting. This campaign attracts some Gnolls. They flee back to camp with the Gnolls right behind. The Shamrocks take cover behind tree’s preparing for a fight. The gnolls demand gold, all of it. This of course is not going to happen. The Shamrocks sham an agreement hoping to use guile for a quick kill or two. The gnolls aren’t so foolish; A fight so bloody that it will become gnoll legend erupts. Arrows, axes, swords, blood, decapitations, dismemberment. Another close call battle for the weak Shams but they manage to pull through. or Another fierce battle but the shamrocks win again after almost dying.

Sub-Earth Structual Investigation. 7-13-2010

The Night Goes uneventfully and breaks to a mild winter day. Back to the Lair.

Soon after entering some thing is seen to scurry off down one the the hallways. The Shams approach the gate and debate opening it or travelling on to make sure we don’t get trapped inside this room. Investigation is decided. They open the door. Enter. Opening into a damp chamber with a high ceiling the Shams enter. Three Columns stand towards the back just in front of a pool. Something, though, something is on the ceiling. The Shams evacuate.

Down the Hall the Shams embark to find a stairwell. Upon this stairwell is a multi-language warning which I will paraphrase:”The tortures contained down these stairs is unimaginable. Death is certain. Be advised to turn around.” Unt shakes down our elven friend for an explanation as to why this warning is written in the elven language (in addition to 3 other languages including common). Unt is suspicious since Fentel is elvish, though he himself is elvish. Nobody trusts Unt anyways so everyone ignores his concern.

Back to the gate, bows ready, unlatch, open: Cautiously they enter searching the ceiling. A monstrous spider spins from its web above them. Shank tries out the fire-burst aspect of the shawl which for sure is a killer blast though it doesn’t kill the spider. Some arrows hit it before it scurries off and conceals itself in one of the deep fissures that scar the ceiling. The pool towards the back has, buried in its water, something shiny. Betting on the shiny thing being something worth grabbing they fit up Kage with a rope and the helm of breathing and he prepares the descent. Before he gets a chance to go down…

The Spider attacks again even coming down from the ceiling. The spider, like all foul life that The Shamrocks encounter, is butchered.

The Goblins turn. No problem, even though they brought one of the bigger goblins with them. Theys line up for battle. The Shams fall to their blades left and right, first fental, now unt, gar goes, Kendall nearly dies. The battle wasnt going so well; the shams lived only by the grace of whatever god it is that decides such things. The Shams manage to slash to the ground the remaining foes.

More creatures enter the room this time an onslaught of the undead. Gar uses his powers of repel the undead to repel the undead. Two retreat and only one left and s/he is easily cut down. The Shams are very weak and prepare to exit. Down the hall they spot some apparent human female figure. Whoever she is it isn’t somebody the Shams would care to meet at this point. They successfully exit.

Camp is grey with defeat. The Shams are in bad shape. They will, no doubt, return. The Shamrocks are killer like that.

Goblins hobbled 7-6-2010

I have forgotten many details so the following is the best of my recollection.
Continuing from last week The Shamrocks enter the cave that is the lair of the bandits/goblins. A long passage opens into a room with several doors.
First Encounter
Angry goblins thunder from the passage to the right. They pour out and charge the Shamrocks. In their typical unorganized fashion the Shams run back and forth with indecision as to a battle formation settling on a spear stance in the corner. Everyone agrees, this is a poor fighting position. As the Shams fight, the initial set of goblins are slashed down with ease, then a larger goblin with unusual armor sets upon the left flank. He carries a whip with a ball and spike at the end. Kage is the first to take a blow. Though it didnt knock Kage out it stunned him rendering him useless. Shank Von took some precision shots and weakened the foul beast. Next the whip-goblin takes aim at Yunt and stuns him. The rest of the group finishes off their goblins turning their attention to whippy. He stands no chance and is leveled like the rest. Yunt and Kage recover.
  • # 2*
    Choosing the left passage the group goes down checking for traps as they go. They find what appears to be a kitchen, be it a very foul smelling one, and food storage area. Lots of food, probably stolen. Yunt finds an impassable hidden door. Continuing on they discover the goblins quarters. The shams head back to the beginning chamber and again are confronted by goblins, this time they are accompanied by a much much larger one. Again, fierce blades, blood, magic, death. The big one falls. Somewhere they find a word (as an inscription I believe). They use this word on the unopenable door which opens (I think). I can’t recall what happens though. Also the shams fought some gnolls and freed a prisoner named barbados who now fights with us.

Night Camp The Shams retreat for the evening wanting to be fresh in the morning to finish off the bandits.

Cliff Hanger 6-29-2010

Mostly travel this week: I’ll just briefly summate the action parts. Feel free to write details and unmentioned occurences.

As the Shamrocks were travelling down the trail a forceful laughter started echoing around the trees. The voice intoned The Shams imminent death. 4 (goblins?) bandits surround the Shamrocks, who attempt to run. Kage takes a crippling blow and spins to face his attacker only to be cut down again. Shank, Compseela, Kendall, Garzae, and Yunt attack. Many fierce cuts later the bandits are piled in blood. They are searched and only yield some copper. Kage: Revived!

The Shamrocks spot a burned out village atop a hillside and go to investigate. An obviously modest community, none the less Yunt and Gar search for anything valuable or interesting. Yunt finds a copper goblet, looks to be of no particular value or importance. Gar finds a chest which he tries to whip open, a poison needle embeds itself into his wrist causing burning pain. Yunt fast-actions some herbs and repels the infection. Inside the chest are some concoctions of some sort stored in beakers or flasks. Nothing else, just fire-burned shit.

Further Action
The Shamrocks happen upon a elven guard, locals from the area. They mention goblin problems, maybe a reward. The Shams jump at the opportunity and ask for a meeting with the local king. They take the Shams back to their town. Being generally hostile/distrustful of the humans and dwarves, it is easy to sense a just-below-the-surface contempt for all but Yunt. While The Shamrocks set up camp Yunt, Shank, and Gar go to a meeting with the king. After a treacherous climb up the ladder leading to his home, the king offers 300 for info and 500 more for their heads. There may have been some negotiation but if so it was mild. The Shamrocks are as poor at climbing rope ladders as they are negotiating with kings; they all slip. With the exception of Gar they managed to catch themselves before falling. Gar though, took a very hard, long fall losing 9 hit points. They Return, camp is quiet for the remainder of the night.

Next Morning The Shamrocks gear up with some +1 arrows and head out to butcher Goblins. They quickly find a group who charges the Shams. In a battle that shames Goblins everywhere The Shamrocks cut them down with the ease of a thresher to a harvest.
More death ahead, next week.

Kills in Hills/Gnolls V. Gnomes 6-22-2010

Morning proves to be cold and damp but upon awakening good news, Shank is stronger than we first thought! Down to business: Yunt casts a detect magick spell revealing the fire-embroidered Shawl and the Sword are charmed one way or another. Using Yunt’s wand it is revealed: the Short Sword is a plus 1 magick weapon, the Shawl shoots flames and is able to heal (two times a day in any combo). The Shamrocks decide to move east through the mountains making their way back to Nevendir to get the treasures and money left in the bank.

Day One.day
Kendall and Shank go for a morning hunt but are unsuccessful. The group heads east for a few miles (literally since they were not on a trail only a few miles) up and down the hills. They travel until twighlight and find a suitable camping location.

Day One.night
Most of the night was without event. The final watch, Shank’s, was visited by blood sucking flying (vampire?) squirrrels. Kendall burns one down from a tree with a virtuostic show of torch fighting (damn squirrels!). One attaches itself to Yunt who quickly rips it from his breast. They retreat to the perimeter. As dawn approaches the rodents blend away into the background of horrors that lay in threat in the forest.

Day Two.day
Pack up for the grind east. Mid-day a bird gets our attention, what with its squawking and fluttering amid the tree tops. We all looked up. It was easy to see, a note bound by twine on its leg. Kage urges everyone to shoot it with arrows but the less blood-thirsty of the party somehow coax it down. Kendall seized the messenger bird and Yunt cut the message free. To sum up the Letter (reproduced elsewhere): “[Hamm has been evacuated because of an imminent gnoll invasion, we will try to keep them off your trail.]” with a post script from Brenda urging us to send a letter back with the bird. The bird flutters off, we see it waiting on the perimeter. The Shams argue as to whether go back to Hamm or continue east. The bird is shaken and flys away. Kendall scrawls some crude pictograms meant for Brenda in response hoping the bird comes back. Anyways, Hamm seemed a bad idea, with the impending bloodbath + Podelus in the area, always a danger; east it is.

Day Two.night
On Garzae’s watch some kind of swamp-claw-fang creature attacks. Gar takes three hits (20 double damage, 19, 19!!!) instantly knocking him unconscious. The shams gear up and go out. This fierce inter-speciel horror is a bloody fighter but no match for the Shamrocks! They encircle the curse/beast and chop it down. It lays bleeding, no doubt dead, yet there is movement. The hell-curse-beast seems to be regenerating! The Shamrocks remedy the situation by giving it a dismemebering worth remembering.

Day Three.day
Morning comes, and on that morning it is obvious the body parts of the claw creature are still moving. The group weighs in suggesting a nice fire would put an end to this beast. Unfortunately the damp forest had no intention of providing the group dry wood so the Shams could enflame its progeny. Though if the land was rid of this hideousity all the better: Shank splits it’s head open and fingers and mashes its brains. An unhealthy goo exudes. A newly conscious but still dazed Gar, recalls past disease contracted from the guts of dead things. Shank gets the message, Shank refrains. The rest of the parts are thrown in opposing directions and off cliffs. Head out.
Afternoon reveals a trail (this may have happened on day two, I can’t recall for certain). South west to North east (or vice versa), evidence of humanoid footprints, boot marks. The Shams follow north east which brings much faster travel without having to fight the overgrowth etc. The path appears to be heading east. Who knows?

More travel, but nothing worth noting.
The above events may not be written in the sequence they happened but are all inclusive, however, they are for reading purposes only.

Post Red 6-15-2010

Immediately Upon the quick exit of the Owl Man The Shams identify the feathers as ones that will boost dexterity (possibly lowering armor-class). Kendall gives one to Shank further lowering his armor-class.

Now free of the Burden
Of The Red Child The Shamrocks head back to the Ruins that were the scene of the bird battle.

The Ruins

Upon arrival The Shams once again encounter the earth-bound birds which they slash down with ease. Free to explore they wander around atop the ruined structure. Shank discovers a discolored slab which appears to be a doorway. Kendall with the assistance of everyone lifts it from its duty.

Spiral Down

Beneath was
a cobweb ridden descent;
spiral staircase style.

Kage takes the sheild of light and skulks down searching for entrapments. Because of haste, poor occupation, or bad luck kage misses signs of the first trap and takes a nasty fall when the stairs below him drop. The rest navigated their way around without injury. Further down Kage finds signs of a trap and the party passes safely to the ground floor.

Statue Room

A heavy, decrepit door meets The Shams at the final stair. No sounds from inside, thorough search shows no traps, Kage grabs the handle and pulls it open.
A wooden statue dominates the center of the room which is flanked by frescos of ancient hunts of mythological animals. A search for traps reveals one
near the bottom of the statue. A door on the far end of the room looks promising so it is once again checked, listened through etc.
Opening the door reveals some sort of apartment or living quarters. It also releases 2 flying Brass Beatles of some sort that are quickly destroyed.
Searching around the apartment yeilds a very ornate ring that Kage quickly pockets. Yunt chooses to save his wand and refuses to ID it.
Yunt performs a search for portals and discovers a bead-strewn doorway. Shank, being young and foolish, decides to go poking around with his Jo Stick.
This proves to be unfortunate; he stirs up a stone beetle that attacks him so violently that poor Shank is knocked unconscious and bloody.
Time for camp. The Shams haul the foolish monk back to the top and make camp.

The Portal

The next day
the Shamrocks
head back down
to the portal
entrance. They
enter to find a
skeleton sitting
in a chair.
Suspicion proves
warranted the
chair is rigged.
They tie a rope
to the skeleton
exit the room,
and pull the skeleton.
Two Pendulum Guillotines
swing down. The
Shamrocks are having a lucky day. Upon the person of the skeleton a magnificent shawl embroidered with flame adorns his bone shoulders.

The Statue

Lumbering footsteps echo from the Statue/Fresco hall. As they approach they reveal the statue coming forth to prevent the desecration of the ruins treasures. Kage grabs oil and torch, and splashes the oil at the feet of the animated statue and sets him alight with his torch. Kendall, Gar, Compseela and Shank cut the flaming statue into a statuette, then explode it into a pile of smoking embers.

The Shamrocks exit and make camp for the night.
h3. 5-25-2010 The Owl Man, Met!
p. Upon awakenings Sham Co. splits up:

Compseela and Shank go to a nearby town of Gnomes to see if they can locate Wispin who has information and knowledge of the Owl Man. Wispin is not there, they chat it up with some the local Gnomes. The Gnomes prove to be an intractable and ignorant bunch. They are unimpressed by Compseela and Shank. Wispin arrives. He went to the Owl Man’s home, who was out. He offered no new news. He also offered some potions to us for the Red Child (who he would later turn over to the Owl Man). They also purchased a bolt of cloth that Yunt would later cut into bandages. They headed back to camp.

Kendall went hunting. Bagged nothing. However he did see some sort of temple or monument. His investigations were cut short by the presence of one of those horrific armoured beetles that Sham has encountered.

Kage, Garzae, Yunt enjoyed an uneventful morning of camping. Kage made some spikes for later booby trapping.

The Shamrocks reconvened in the afternoon and decided to wait one more day, iusing the time to investigate the unkown monument that Kendall had happened on. On the way to the monument a herd of massive boars crossed our path and stampeded away. Kendall charged forth, guisarme in hand, in an utter blood lust. Hopping off his horse (!) he attacked one of the beasts who immediately turned on him in a classic man vs. nature style. Kendall realized too late that hunting a 5-foot tall boar is not so easy, he recieved several points of damage, along with other members who rushed to his aid. At the end of the battle, the boars lay at the feet of the hunters.

The Monument appeared to be a wall of some sort that gave the effect of holding up the mountain. The Shamrocks searched the wall, starting at the bottom, and working their way up. The bushes burst forth hideous vulturous birds. The Shamrocks run. The birds chase all the way to the horses where the Shamrocks were obliged to fight. More damage to Shamrock Company. Again, the peculiar beasts die. Squawking on the top of the hill, the birds warn us to stay away. We do so and return to camp.

The next day Wispan has nothing new, no Owl Man, no idea where to find him. Shamrocks have had enough. They debate destinations. As the shams pack up the Owl Man descends from the tree-tops. After some discussion they agree to give him the Red Child and receive from him seven 3-dose healing potions and 3 “dexterity” feathers. Shank, Kage, and Kendall take them.

Seemingly the Red Child was hardly worth the trouble she caused us (not the least of which Sham Co. are now deep in a strange and dangerous, very human-unfriendly place). The Shamrocks are glad to be rid of her. Maybe the good-will will count for something sometime. Then again maybe she will prove to be all curse.

The Shamrocks are ready for some Dungeons.

h3. 5-25-2010 Treachery, Vengance, Death.
p. Sham/TC manage to get Gar, Kendall, and the other severely injured members back to Rabner’s Rock and the Druids who live there and may be able to heal us. They can and for a fee they heal our party back to a beleaguered health. The able members of Truth/Sham decide to return to get Meera and aid ‘Afro’ with the help of some of the local dwarves and a new member of the party, a Monk named Shank. Several members abandon the mission during the travel (including all of the Truth Co.) the rest continue. After a few miles they come across a caravan that is fleeing an army of Orcs traveling up the road (who apparently are seeking the red child). The group includes Meera and Afro, some Dwarves, and Podelus, of all people, with some of his soldiers. Podelus demands the red child from Yunt. After some hasty words the three managed to get on their horses and prudently galloped off towards town. Then they do this: They go to the Inn, go upstairs to warn of Podelus imminent arrival. On the floor is Gar bleeding, once again uncoscious. It doesn’t take long to notice The Red cHild gone. Treachery! The truth company has betrayed the Shamrocks. With rage and malice Kendall bullies a sickly and severely injured Mitos into giving him all his money. Mitos knows nothing of the Truth Companies plan (so he says) and is screwed by everyone. This time I doubt he will forgive. The Shamrocks pack their gear revive Garze and gallop off to get that which we have fought too hard to let go. Proving to be easily tracked Truth Co. is found up the road and is advised to return the Red Child (under threat of death!). This is done. Once again the Shamrocks have the child but vengence must wait. They travel not a long distance and make camp. Shamrocks need rest but can’t afford it.
h3. 5-25-2010 Further into Red Child Trouble
p. After travelling to Ragner Rock the night before and checking into the inn our the Shamrocks and Truth Co. awoke. In the morning the group obtained information from Inn visitors and talked to Meera who agreed to get word to the Owl Man. She and a group of several fighters left that afternoon to get him. The Shamrocks/Truth Co. took care of minor errands over the next 24 hours. The next day one of Meera’s company returned indicating Meera was in trouble and needed help. The group left. Meera had been captured by a nasty group of Gnolls demading the Red Child. Sham/TC found them at a bridge, a blade ready to slice the neck of Meera. Sham/TC charged across the bridge whilst Meera’s neck was sliced open. Long Bowmen made ranged attacks as Sham/TC crossed. Sham/TC immediately retreated upon reaching the other side, the noles pursued. At the bottle neck at the end of the bridge Sham/TC stood firm slicing and hacking gnolls down. The remaining noles retreated back to their side at which point it became a ranged battle. Their superior weapons/bowmen quickly took down Kendall and Gar. Sham/TC scrambled back to their horses. The gnolls once again were in pursuit. Gar and Kendall were wounded badly and are close to death. Tricky situtation. The Owl Man better be worth it.
h3. 5-12-2010 Orc Troop into Corpse Pile
p. After awaking in early evening we debated where to take the Red Child. Kendall’s standard suggestion to kill the child is not even debated. After ruling out visiting a nearby Wizard, for the obvious reason that he may just take the child from us, and Ruling out taking him to the far off town of Marcer (said to be populated with nasty humans, orcs, and all varieties of nefarious beings) we decided to bring her to the druids (which may be a mistake too). So we set off. After riding a couple of days through the hilly country north of Ocerot we came upon a ‘valley’ that had rising hills on both sides. Dark figures could be seen above us on both sides and in front of us. A volley of arrows rained down upon us. Kendall called forth politely shouting, “Please let us pass, what will it take?” An orc that was in front of us (and obviously the leader) ordered the rest to hold their fire so we could negotiate. The Orc demanded all of our horses, the elf (yoont), and the Red Child to pass. Obviously that was unnacceptable. Kage shouted that we will pay them 30 gold for safe passage. The Orc said 30 each and we could pass (assuming they could even be trusted). We again countered with our offer of 30 gold and we would let them live. This enraged the Orcs who immediately began firing on us. The group rode forward, Kage and Kendall dismounting and running forward to slash the leader of the orcs to the ground. The Orcs, somewhat taken aback, stumbled back. As Kage and Kendall engaged the hideous orcs in combat (who quickly regained composure) Yoont rode past them to escape followed by the rest of the group. After unsuccessfull attacks Kage and Kendall decided to mount their horses and run away. In the mayhem of the escape Kage’s horse was innaccesible so he rode with Kendall. The escape was successfull. The group rode hard for about an hour and at a trot for another hour the group stopped to heal/bandage (including Amethyst horse who was in bad shape due to a lost horse shoe). The group then moved forward just outside of the dark hills they were passing through and found an area suitable for the bloody revenge of our troupe. Kage set up a few traps and everyone hid behind trees and bushes to sleep (with 2 person watches). Shortly after bedding down everyone hears Kendall masturbating and is sort of disturbed. Not long were we asleep when the foul dark figures of the orcs approached. Everyone was awoken and alerted. The Orcs easily caught our scent so there was no element of surprise. About 2 dozen orcs poured forth from the black-death darkness with rusty blades and bloody steel lusting for our blood, especially that of Yoont, who no doubt would be a tasty orc meal. We charge forth flanking their right side and engage them. Fortunately they prove to be more fierce in word than in battle. Our group slashes them down like a hurricane through a field. Orc bodies begin to pile up as our swords and iron swing and slash their numbers. The battle lasts about a half hour ending with a stinking pile of Orc corpses. Searching their bodies, all that is found is lousy copper pieces, hardly worth the effort of the kill. The group retreats to the horses hoping to finally get a good nights sleep.

We need a name! Here are my proposals: The Black Hand, Iron and Blood, The Count, or The Shamrocks. Anybody?

4-29-10 Red Child Liberated, Strange Fates Ahead

After meeting the Truth Company, which included old friends MishPat and Mitos, all having been resolute to get the Red Child, though unsure why, the group set off for Tos. Upon arriving, camp is set a few miles outside of town. MishPat, Karrolin, Amethyst, and Kage departed mid morning to gather as much information as possible. They proceeded to the Inn/Tavern and there met with two guards. After Kage’s comically inept attempt to get information from the guards and the inn keeper, Karrolin successfully charmed a guard and found out the Red Child was being kept under key in the Manor next to the Keep. The keys were being held by Podelus and the captain of the guard. The four returned to camp. Next Yoont, Karrolin, Amethyst, and Garrze went to Tos in order to charm additional guards to lay the way for the group to take the Red Child the following day. They went directly to the Manor and asked for Podelus who was there and came to see them. Visibly glad to see them, especially Amethyst, they were able to cast a Charm spell on him and the nearby guards. They convinced Podelus to let them speak with the Red Child. Unsure what they were going to do they improvised; Amethyst takes Podelus aside while Yoont, Garrze, etc. grab the child and make an escape charming all that are in their path. Amethyst soon follows and they return to camp with the Red Child. The Red Child is most unhelpful, unwilling or unable to give the group any information, perhaps not even knowing how close she was to death. Garrze successfully casts the detect evil spell on her and senses an Aura of Evil about her, not necessarily being evil herself but having an evil presence about her. He reads the ancient words from his banish evil scroll without apparent effect. The scroll disintigrated into oblivion. None the less the group has made their choice and leave immediately. They ride hard for a day and a night, making camp in the woods in the vicinity of the town garrison near the border. They continue to travel by night, avoiding towns and such headed for the dark roads in the strange land and that lie beyond the borders of Ocerot.

h3. 4-29-10 Red Child Liberated, Strange Fates Ahead
p. After meeting the Truth Company, which included old friends MishPat and Mitos, all having been resolute to get the Red Child, though unsure why, the group set off for Tos. Upon arriving, camp is set a few miles outside of town. MishPat, Karrolin, Amethyst, and Kage departed mid morning to gather as much information as possible. They proceeded to the Inn/Tavern and there met with two guards. After Kage’s comically inept attempt to get information from the guards and the inn keeper, Karrolin successfully charmed a guard and found out the Red Child was being kept under key in the Manor next to the Keep. The keys were being held by Podelus and the captain of the guard. The four returned to camp. Next Yoont, Karrolin, Amethyst, and Garrze went to Tos in order to charm additional guards to lay the way for the group to take the Red Child the following day. They went directly to the Manor and asked for Podelus who was there and came to see them. Visibly glad to see them, especially Amethyst, they were able to cast a Charm spell on him and the nearby guards. They convinced Podelus to let them speak with the Red Child. Unsure what they were going to do they improvised; Amethyst takes Podelus aside while Yoont, Garrze, etc. grab the child and make an escape charming all that are in their path. Amethyst soon follows and they return to camp with the Red Child. The Red Child is most unhelpful, unwilling or unable to give the group any information, perhaps not even knowing how close she was to death. Garrze successfully casts the detect evil spell on her and senses an Aura of Evil about her, not necessarily being evil herself but having an evil presence about her. He reads the ancient words from his banish evil scroll without apparent effect. The scroll disintigrated into oblivion. None the less the group has made their choice and leave immediately. They ride hard for a day and a night, making camp in the woods in the vicinity of the town garrison near the border. They continue to travel by night, avoiding towns and such headed for the dark roads in the strange land and that lie beyond the borders of Ocerot.
.h3 Some Prehistory
The southwestern corner of lower Ocerot, several paths intersect in the small town of Ginse. Kage from capital port city Pulmer, Kendall from southern Ocerot near Aberas, Amethyst from Entyeon, Ynt the elf from Ael, Garzae Thistlebrow and Sarce from Naerlock, and Darien from central L.O. All had set out on the road in search of Adventure. They travelled north from there to seek out a possible evil plaguing a small hamlet north of Tos. After clearing an ancient cemetary of its wild dogs, resident ghoul and centipedes, they stop in the village of Melford, to find its local spider farmer beset with shadow goblins. Saving most of the farm hands and the owners family, they return to Melford to find the taverns owner murdered. Uncovering that it was his wife, after killing her retarded maniac deformed brother in his cellar lair, and having her beheaded, and her friend as well , though in a quite bizarrely different mysterious manner involving a flying head, the party is thanked by Manae from the nearby Shrine of the Oracle. She lets the group know that some friends of her’s, another party of adventurers went missing some time ago after going to investigate ancient ruins back in the brownditch woods. Agreeing to look they travel to enter the old stone stairwell into the wooded hill, and, about a month or so later after a terribly arduous dungeon crawl revealing a cavern complex filled with a hideous race of regressed humans worshiping a five hundred year old child’s voice using telepathic cow sized tentacled cyclopean amoeboid, and slaughtering the amoeboid and 99% of the regressed they finally take leave of the Brownditch woods. Travelling on through Tos to the beset village Evengill, they leave the last farmsteads of man and march into the wide marsh land and woods beyond where the supposed “shadow pigs ” dwell. After coming to blows with many of these shadowy phantasmal pig headed men,to no avail, they follow a trail up the low valley,to a campsite in a cliff wall. Standing before them was a wide half Ogress who beckoned them to the camp. After parleying an uneasy comfort around the massively wart covered creature, and discovering it claims no knowledge of the origin of the shadow pig men, it invites the group to investigate an ancient temple located on a crude map it purloined from a now deceased orc patrol. Travelling through wooded hills and ravines for several days, they discover the small river and lake that contains the ancient temple. In a half submerged subterranean temple below the river live a tribe of aquatic hobgoblin. After several near extinction level combat encounters in the temple, the group is able to destroy most of the tribe and a scaly stone or clay monstrosity that protects one of the rooms. From here, with some map aid from a nearby tribe of elf, they continue west into the woods to a larger city, at this point Skass returns southward to look for a ‘red child’. Having seen said child in Evengill, the party notes the house she lives to Skass and departs. After spending time in Nevendir and Albertine to level and equip, the party heads south, back into Lower Ocerot, and soon encounter a wrecked merchant caravan, with a merchant eager to get his captured daughter back. The party sets out to get the daughter back. Finding a small stronghold carved out of a cliff face overlooking a lake, they encounter the bandits and her leader a drow elf. The siege lasts only a couple of days, and the bandits are destroyed, the drow’s half Ogre slain, 3 of the 4 captured girls are saved,but unfortunately Keshah the sword escapes. Once again the group sets out to Lower Ocerot, this time in mind to head to Tos to capture the red child, that Skass set out to kidnap, but was slain trying to do. Held in Tos by Podellus, the child is freed by the adventurers using a quick attack of charm person and command spells. Now, the group joined with the Truth company, flee into the woods to the west along the now abandoned Old Road.

Life Since Gince 1st ED!

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