Life Since Gince 1st ED!

Alot and a not alot has happened through the end of the winter....

update, by unpartial dm.

The Shamrocks, since re-finding Albertine in the late winter,have traveled through the nightwood to the lands bordering Lower Mosst and Western Upper Ocerot, an area of wilderness and tribesmen. Having procured a Cauldron of Plenty from a giant who dwells in the rocky foothills of the looming mountain range for the tribesmen, they returned to Albertine, then back through tribal lands towards Mosst only to be whisked away on “bodyguard” detail, accompanying a representative of Nevendir to a wizard’s castle that sits in the border ethereal. As per the agreement they are sent through the World Serpent Inn back to Rabnyr’s Rock, but only after capturing the wolf in sheeps clothing who dared to perpetuate intrigue upon the turquoise wizard and the mayor of Nevendir. With the onset of spring, from Rabnyrs the group took Shank into Totros for training from a monk named Ojwan Miu, and Colmcille also trained here from a Farmer-warrior. Leaving Totros the party was attacked by vomiting large silver haired apes who threw spears as well. In another unbelievable escape by a mostly-incapacitated group of Shamrocks, they make it back to Rabnyr’s and finally with some dwarfs from Dort’s, south to Dort’s cabin off the old road, towards the mound of Zenegral Byle. With a rainy spring in full swing, at Dort’s they find several willing and some slightly willing companions to assist in the siege of the source of evil. Now with 5 rangers from Naerlock, 5 Rabid Tiger mercenaries, 10Dort’s cabin Dwarves, and 3Gnomes from Hactern Wood, they enter the mound (leaving rangers, mercs, and a few dwarves to guard the entrances). In the mound are found an ancient burial place with ghouls, and as well the apartments of a tribe of goblin, who try as goblins do to kill the invading force. With the goblins routed, the

party enters again to be attacked by a giant spider. Kendall is bit and poisoned, dying, but kept alive by herbs and magic, they flee southward to find help. The olde road is perilous and they encounter a giant porcupine, who fortunately is convinced by Shank to clear the road. After a few days and some ghosts later they get to near Naerlock where a druid heals Kendall of the poison. Resupplying in Naerlock the party then turns back North up the olde road. Wondering where the other half of the party could be they find them at the Tower of the Mad Witch Teyla.
Seemingly in her care, the other party was heavily damaged by a pair of Giant Porcupines. But, even worse is their discovery by the Rotting Eye Red Tusk Orcs who now claim the Olde Road as their own…Late that night while camping a force of 60 orcs assault the party of 40, and after a horrible heyday of hacking upon the hillside, the newly expanded Shamrock party proves victorious…



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