Life Since Gince 1st ED!

Cliff Hanger

Feel free to add, correct, edit as you see fit: My memory is fallible and selective. Latest adventures are on top.

Cliff Hanger 6-29-2010

Mostly travel this week: I’ll just briefly summate the action parts. Feel free to write details and unmentioned occurences.

As the Shamrocks were travelling down the trail a forceful laughter started echoing around the trees. The voice intoned The Shams imminent death. 4 (goblins?) bandits surround the Shamrocks, who attempt to run. Kage takes a crippling blow and spins to face his attacker only to be cut down again. Shank, Compseela, Kendall, Garzae, and Yunt attack. Many fierce cuts later the bandits are piled in blood. They are searched and only yield some copper. Kage, revived.

The Shamrocks spot a burned out village atop a hillside and go to investigate. An obviously modest community, Yunt and Gar search for anything valuable or interesting. Yunt finds a copper goblet, looks to be of no particular value or importance. Gar finds a chest which he tries to whip open, a poison needle embeds itself into his wrist causing burning pain. Yunt fast-actions some herbs and repels the infection. Nothing else, just fire.

Further Action
The Shamrocks happen upon a elven guard, locals from the area. They mention goblin problems, maybe a reward. Without hesitation the Shams ask for a meeting with the local king. They take us back to their town. Being generally hostile/distrustful of the humans and dwarves they only barely hide their contempt for all but Yunt. While The Shamrocks set up camp Yunt, Shank, and Gar go to a meeting with the king. After a treacherous climb up the king offers 300 for info and 500 more for their heads. There may have been some negotiation but if so it was mild. Nobody seems to be very good with rope latters as they all slip, with the exception of Gar they managed to save themselves. Gar though, took a very hard fall losing 9 hit points. They Return, camp is quiet for the remainder of the night.

Next Morning The Shamrocks gear up with some +1 arrows and head out to butcher Goblins. They quickly find a group who charges the Shams. In a battle that was over in the first round the bloody goblins are dead.
More ahead, next week.



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