Life Since Gince 1st ED!

Early July

Feel free to add, correct, edit as you see fit: My memory is fallible and selective. Latest adventures are on top.

Sub-Earth Structual Investigation. 7-6-2010

The Night Goes uneventfully and breaks to a mild winter day. Back to the Lair.

Soon after entering some thing is seen to scurry off down one the the hallways. The Shams approach the gate and debate opening it or travelling on to make sure we don’t get trapped inside this room. Investigation is decided. They open the door. Enter. Opening into a damp chamber with a high ceiling the Shams enter. Three Columns stand towards the back just in front of a pool. Something, though, something is on the ceiling. The Shams evacuate.

Down the Hall the Shams embark to find a stairwell. Upon this stairwell is a multi-language warning which I will paraphrase:”The tortures contained down these stairs is unimaginable. Death is certain. Be advised to turn around.” Unt shakes down our elven friend for an explanation as to why this warning is written in the elven language (in addition to 3 other languages including common). Unt is suspicious since Fentel is elvish, though he himself is elvish. Nobody trusts Unt anyways so everyone ignores his concern.

Back to the gate, bows ready, unlatch, open: Cautiously they enter searching the ceiling. A monstrous spider spins from its web above them. Shank tries out the fire-burst aspect of the shawl which for sure is a killer blast though it doesn’t kill the spider. Some arrows hit it before it scurries off and conceals itself in one of the deep fissures that scar the ceiling. The pool towards the back has, buried in its water, something shiney. Betting on the shiney thing being something worth grabbing they fit up Kage with a rope and the helm of breathing and he prepares the descent. Before he gets a chance to go down…

The Spider attacks again even coming down from the ceiling. The spider, like all foul life that The Shamrocks encounter is butchered.

The Goblins turn. No problem, even though they brought one of the bigger goblins with them. Theys line up for battle. The Shams fall to their blades left and right, first fental, now unt, gar goes, Kendall nearly dies. The battle wasnt going so well; the shams lived only by the grace of whatever god it is that decides such things. The Shams manage to slash to the ground the remaining foes.

More creatures enter the room this time an onslaught of the undead. Gar uses his powers of repel the undead to repel the undead. Only one left and he is easily cut down. The Shams are very weak and prepare to exit. Down the hall they spot some apparent human female figure. Whoever she is it isn’t somebody the Shams would care to meet at this point. They successfully exit.

Camp is grey with defeat. The Shams are in bad shape. They will, no doubt, return. The Shamrocks are killer like that.

Goblins hobbled 7-6-2010

I have forgotten many details so the following is the best of my recollection.
Continuing from last week The Shamrocks enter the cave that is the lair of the bandits/goblins. A long passage opens into a room with several doors.
First Encounter
Angry goblins thunder from the passage to the right. They pour out and charge the Shamrocks. In their typical unorganized fashion the Shams run back and forth with indecision as to a battle formation settling on a spear stance in the corner. Everyone agrees, this is a poor fighting position. As the Shams fight, the initial set of goblins are slashed down with ease, then a larger goblin with unusual armor sets upon the left flank. He carries a whip with a ball and spike at the end. Kage is the first to take a blow. Though it didnt knock Kage out it stunned him rendering him useless. Shank Von took some precision shots and weakened the foul beast. Next the whip-goblin takes aim at Yunt and stuns him. The rest of the group finishes off their goblins turning their attention to whippy. He stands no chance and is leveled like the rest. Yunt and Kage recover.
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    Choosing the left passage the group goes down checking for traps as they go. They find what appears to be a kitchen, be it a very foul smelling one, and food storage area. Lots of food, probably stolen. Yunt finds an impassable hidden door. Continuing on they discover the goblins quarters. The shams head back to the beginning chamber and again are confronted by goblins, this time they are accompanied by a much much larger one. Again, fierce blades, blood, magic, death. The big one falls. Somewhere they find a word (as an inscription I believe). They use this word on the unopenable door which opens (I think). I can’t recall what happens though. Also the shams fought some gnolls and freed a prisoner named barbados who now fights with us.

Night Camp The Shams retreat for the evening wanting to be fresh in the morning to finish off the bandits.



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