Life Since Gince 1st ED!

Early Summer Expulsion of Byle

Many days of siege upon the mound compressed into this Adventure Log Post, by Unpartial DM, over several posts.

Where to begin. Our brave heroes (after reintegrating Colmcille and her head using the scroll relinquished seemingly by forgotten gods of the ancient temple) venture back into the screaming statue corridors. In one of the rooms are ancient undisturbed relics that would seem a child’s room and belongings. Upon investigation indeed an ancient and horrible near naked child bursts out of hiding with black gaping maw screaming and black eyes staring with starvation. The creature swipes at Kendall several times and strips him of many months of fighting expertise with cold crippling dread. After the child is dispatched, the party retreats again to hills to recuperate. Through the prolonged use of spells from every cleric and witch-woman available, Kendall is restored to a close proximity of his former glory. At one point the party is attacked on a ridge by a large pack of wolves which are repelled. Here Todso Cilieup companion of Tillneus and Tibabauch is ruthlessly slain by a cleave to the neck by Kendall, and his head is foever severed from his body. Venturing back into the mound- always weary of white spiders dropping down from cobwebby fissures, the party continues into the corridors. Using Tibabauch the elf archer, friend of Tillneus Seltun (the traitorous mage the party has rescued twice now) as a guide they search the ancient corridors. Tibabauch in lead of the crawling party to avoid triggering the screaming statues, is suddenly covered by a large mass that detaches from the ceiling with a plop. Muffled screams and writhing agony are displayed by the elf beneath the sizzling green colored slime. By the time the awe-stricken and well planning Shamrocks have come up with a way to help, there remains only slime, and poor Tibabauchs boots. Yunt wonders as he was just striking up an understanding with the misguided elf, if this was truly his destiny in this ancient murk, and decides, yes it was- to save the stalwart shamrocks from a similar doom. The Shamrocks also pass an arm of one of the statues disconnected leaning against the statue from whence it came. Farther and realizing the pattern of the rooms they finally come to and end of the corridors in a final room, where a secret and unopenable passage is discovered. While trying to open it, a sound is heard behind in the corridors, sentries watching the portal to the dead end are alarmed to see a giant scorpion scurrying on the arched stone roof of the corridor towards the dead end. The scorpion attacks with pincer and, hanging over the doorway suffering blows seeks to strike with its stinger at Ynt the magic user who has exposed himself to its attack, but LO ynt gets his spell off to finish the overgrown critter and it falls to the floor with a dusty carapace cracking thud. At this the Shamrocks decide to call it a day and explore the other set of stairs the next time.



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