Life Since Gince 1st ED!

Early Summer Expulsion of Byle II

Returning to the Mound the shamrocks enter the other mysteriously darker staircase. descending its depths to the stone room below, they find it covered in human and demi-human bones, elf, dwarf, skulls litter the entire area. Halls stretch into the dark in every direction at angles. the light is absorbed by shadow in this area, halving its normal luminosity. After exploring closets and dead ends, the shamrocks meet shadowy figures, who absorb all light they contact, the creatures are slain in waves by the shamrocks as they try to consume the light from the fish shield and any lit torches. In another room a large moldering creature, giving a dejavu feeling of velikul, but wholly a different beast , is slain, before any conversation can be conducted if even possible. A back room is found to contain a wall that has certain stones upon it that emit light at some interval. A large wooden door is found locked, at the other end of the area from the stairs down. Utilizing a key they have discovered the shamrocks find yet another stairwell leading downwards.



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