Life Since Gince 1st ED!

June 15th, Year 3067 (Ocerot)

Post Red

Immediately Upon the quick exit of the Owl Man The Shams identify the feathers as ones that will boost dexterity (possibly lowering armor-class). Kendall gives one to Shank further lowering his armor-class.

Now free of the Burden
Of The Red Child The Shamrocks head back to the Ruins that were the scene of the bird battle.

The Ruins

Upon arrival The Shams once again encounter the earth-bound birds which they slash down with ease. Free to explore they wander around atop the ruined structure. Shank discovers a discolored slab which appears to be a doorway. Kendall with the assistance of everyone lifts it from its duty.

Spiral Down

Beneath was
a cobweb ridden
spiral staircase style.

Kage takes the sheild of light and skulks down searching for entrapments. Because of haste, poor occupation, or bad luck kage misses signs of the first trap and takes a nasty fall when the stairs below him drop. The rest navigated their way around without injury. Further down Kage finds signs of a trap and the party passes safely to the ground floor.

Statue Room

A heavy, decrepit door meets The Shams at the final stair. No sounds from inside, thorough search shows no traps, Kage grabs the handle and pulls it open.
A wooden statue dominates the center of the room which is flanked by frescos of ancient hunts of mythological animals. A search for traps reveals one
near the bottom of the statue. A door on the far end of the room looks promising so it is once again checked, listened through etc.
Opening the door reveals some sort of apartment or living quarters. It also releases 2 flying Brass Beatles of some sort that are quickly destroyed.
Searching around the apartment yeilds a very ornate ring that Kage quickly pockets. Yunt chooses to save his wand and refuses to ID it.
Yunt performs a search for portals and discovers a bead-strewn doorway. Shank, being young and foolish, decides to go poking around with his Jo Stick.
This proves to be unfortunate he stirs up a stone beetle that attacks him so violently that poor Shank is knocked unconscious and bloody.
Time for camp. The Shams hall Shank back to the top and make camp.

The Portal

The next day
the Shamrocks
head back down
to the portal
entrance. They
enter to find a
skeleton sitting
in a chair.
Suspicion proves
warranted the
chair is rigged.
They tie a rope
to the skeleton
exit the room,
and pull the skeleton.
Two Pendulum Guillotines
swing down. The
Shamrocks are having a lucky day. Upon the person of the skeleton a magnificent cape adorns his bone shoulders (or what did it have? I can’t remember).

The Statue

Lumbering footsteps echo from the Statue/Fresco hall. As they approach they reveal the statue coming forth to prevent the desecration of the ruins treasures. Kage grabs oil and torch, and splashes the oil at the feet of the animated statue and sets him alight with his torch. Kendall, Gar, Compseela and Shank cut the flaming statue into a statuette, then explode it into a pile of smoking embers.

The Shamrocks exit and make camp for the night.



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