Life Since Gince 1st ED!

Kills in the Hills with far away Gnolls Vs. Gnomes 6-22-2010

june 22

Morning proves to be cold and damp but upon awakening good news, Shank is stronger than initially assumed! Yunt casts a detect magick spell revealing the fire-embroidered Shawl and the Sword are charmed one way or another. Using Yunt’s wand it is revealed: the Short Sword is a plus 1 magick weapon, the Shawl shoots flames and is able to heal (two times a day in any combo). The Shamrocks decide to move east through the mountains making their way back to Nevendir and the treasures and money left in the bank.

Kendall and Shank go for a morning hunt but are unsuccessful. The group heads east for a few miles (literally since they were not on a trail only a few miles) up and down the hills. They travel until twighlight and find a suitable camping location.

Day One.night
Most of the night was without event. The final watch, Shank’s, was visited by blood sucking flying (vampire?) squirrrels. Kendall burns one down from a tree with a virtuostic show of torch fighting (squirrels be double damned!). One attaches itself to Yunt who quickly rips it from his breast. Dawn is on and the bloodsuckers blend away into the background horrors of the forest.

Pack up, and locomote east. Mid-day a bird gets our attention, what with its squawking and fluttering amid the tree tops. We all looked up. It was easy to see, a note bound by twine on its leg. Kage urges everyone to shoot it with arrows but the less blood-thirsty of the party somehow coax it down. Kendall seized the messenger bird and Yunt cut the message free. To sum up the Letter (reproduced elsewhere): “[Hamm has been evacuated because of an imminent gnoll invasion, we will try to keep them off your trail.]” with a post script from Brenda urging us to send a letter back with the bird. The bird flutters off, we see it waiting on the perimeter. The Shams argue as to whether go back to Hamm or continue east. Hamm seemed a bad idea, with the impending bloodbath + Podelus in the area, always a danger; east it is.

Day Two.night
On Garzae’s watch some kind of swamp-claw-fang creature attacks. Gar takes three hits (!!!) instantly knocking him unconscious. The shams gear up and go out. This fierce inter-speciel horror is a bloody fighter but no match for the Shamrocks! They encircle the curse/beast and chop it down. It lays bleeding, no doubt dead, yet there is movement. The hell-curse-beast seems to be regenerating! The Shamrocks remedy the situation by giving it a dismemebering worth remembering.

None the less, in the morning it is obvious the body parts are still moving. The group weighs in suggesting a nice fire would put an end to this beast, unfortunately the damp forest had no intention of lending the group some dry wood so we could enflame its progeny. Instead, Shank split its head open and fingered its brains. An unhealthy goo exudes and Gar, who has since regained consciousness (the shawl rules) recalls past disease he had encountered doing similar things. Convinced, Shank refrains. The rest of the parts are thrown in opposing directions and off cliffs. Head out.
Afternoon reveals a trail. South west t North east (or vice versa), evidence of humanoid footprints, boot marks. The Shams follow north east which brings much faster travel without having to fight the overgrowth etc. The path appears to be heading east. Who knows?



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