Life Since Gince 1st ED!

Springtime in the Ancient Burial Mound

Will the shamroks ever get to the bottom of it?

After slaying the 60 orcs, it is decided to head West, away from the Olde Road into the Hactern Wood. That night with a near full moon climbing through the branches of the trees, many of the adventurers fall prey to the singing drone of Dream Crickets. Some are unable to awake for 2 days, but on the Full Moon night, a glowing halfnaked wild, distraught woman enters the camp muttering, moaning and wailing, the camp arises to her slow but deliberate approach and fires upon the woman, who screams and awakes the deeply sleeping Shamrocks. The woman grabs at barklike pieces of her skin, and bright blinding light issues forth from the ripped open wounds, that burns like an intensified sunlight all those in range. The newly awakened Shank impales the woman with a crossbow bolt and Colmcille beheads her with a superb axe throw. Earlier this day after the entrance into Dream Cricket territory, a patrol of Orcs from the Black Tusk tribe is discovered that had been trailing the Shamrocks, and the 15 sleeping orcs had their throats slit. Many Edible Animals were gathered at this time in a stupor, and after the attack by the woman it is decided to head north to the mound. The journey the north through the Hactern proves uneventful but full of beautiful woods and glades, some trees growing to enormous size here and there. Back at the Mound, life resumes its dangerous purpose and the Shamrocks enter the artificial hillock once again. Through the Ghoul Halls and into the second door, where it is presumed more Goblins reside. Goblins seemingly having retreated, the shamrocks discover three tied up captives, Tilneus Seltun~ whom they have rescued from dungeon depths before! and his companions Todso Cileup a large human, and Tibabauch the elf. The Shamrocks continue the hunt for goblins, and find them, waiting quite noisomely in ambush. Falling back to a long corridor, goblins are hacked down, and the shamrocks smirk under their sword thrusts. Then a Ballista appears in the goblin crowd and the shams retreat hastily down the hallway to avoid the large bolts. Using a Fire sphere Yount and co. are able to destroy the ballista, and set up their own ambush in a rear room. As the Goblins pour in and the blood begins to flow, a charm spell is set upon Kendall by Tillneus, as well a fear spell upon the party but some unknown entity. Todso and Tibabauch, somewhat reservedly support Tilneus’s actions. Garzae is able to animate the corpse of a goblin with his ring which scares the goblins off for just long enough to deal with the 3 T’s. Todso and Tibo are incapacitated, but Tilneus turns invisible behind the safety of Kendalls threatening axe and disappears. Here the Shams call it a morning and head back to camp. Kendall proves to be troublesome with his demands that Tilneus be rescued from the mound, and that he needs the help of his friend, and the Shamrocks are obliged to tie him up rather than let him enter the Mound with the Rabid Tigers. Breaking the charm the following day they re-enter the burial mound. With the upper floors now cleared of Goblins and Ghouls, the company sets their sites on one of the stairwells descending into darkness, but choses the less dark one. Before they enter though, Garzae decides to re-check the barren empty dead-end room that is saturated with a feeling of Evil. Blessing the room and splashing Holy Water upon it, a Flash of Light from nowhere blinds all in the room, and a deep sound is heard, as if stone was split asunder. When eyes are opened a scroll has appeared sitting on the stone floor written in reddish fine script it is found to be a Raise Dead spell, and the room now feels to be void of the evil presence. Feeling confident they now descend the stairs, and the Dwarves in accompaniement remark that this is a much older part than that above. The bottom of the long stone stairs reveals a high hallway with 10ft bronze statues on either side. The Statues are of well anciently-armored humanoids, but with the heads of dogs, one side female, the other male. Upon entering the corridor the statues mouths open and let out a hideous hollering, trying to sword swipe a mouth a direct hit scores a metal clanging, and the slightest nick to the sword, but no change to the screaming mouth. At the end of the corridor is a room with lower vaulted ceilings, and standing in the middle an enormous, 8 ft hairy rotting beast with very long arms and it’s foul fanged mouth hanging agape, that attacks as soon as the room is entered. The shams surround the beast and try to cut it down, but with one swing of a massive clawed arm , a critical hit by the beast rips the head off of valiant warrior dwarf Colmcille Jai-tau. Awed and infuriated the shamrocks commence to hacking the beast to bits. Chosing to not let Colmcille’s death go in vain , they press on into the corridors, more screaming hallways, and entering, a 10ft snake skeleton with a large fanged human skull head with glowing eyes falls from over the doorway onto Kendall, but it is broken to bits by the shamrocks. the room beyond this finds an empty room , but with a trap that spits 3 spears across the threshold finding the flesh of Kendall again. More screaming statues, and a room with two more of the beasts that ripped off Colm’s head are discovered, but this is enough adventure for the group on this day and they return to camp with colmcille and her barely dangling on head.



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